Why WordPress?

Using WordPress as our foundation, we design wonderful websites that can utilise all the features the world’s most popular content management system (CMS) has to offer, so you can enjoy all the benefits and reap all the rewards.

WordPress allows users to add text and images in much the same way as you would in Microsoft Word. You don’t need any knowledge of HTML, in fact you can learn everything you need to know to update your website, within minutes.

This enables you to effortlessly add and update content on your website or blog. Save time and money with the benefit of being able to instantly update your services, products and information by yourself, without having to contact us for all of your updates.

Everything about WordPress is more user-friendly that any competing content management system.

Infinitely Flexible Websites

The beauty of WordPress is not only its super friendly usability, it is its potential for infinite flexibility and expandability. It is the ideal platform from which you can develop your website as your business grows. You can keep on adding to your site as and when you need to, extending your website with WordPress’ plugins and widgets.

WordPress has a wonderful repository of addons (known as plugins) enabling all sorts of additional functionality to a website. Many of these are free to use and there are also a large amount of commercial (premium) plugins for where the free ones are lacking. No other system can compete with WordPress and it’s diversity.

Big Organisations and Corporations (with Big Budgets) use WordPress

WordPress is not just used by small businesses trying to cut costs. It is also used by some of the worlds largest organisations and corporations.

To mention just a few…

WordPress is the platform of choice for the small, medium or large business.

Flexibility & Versatility

WordPress is extremely versatile and can also be used to make the following types of website and more:

  • Real estate listing site
  • Business directory
  • Auctions website
  • Review website
  • Forums
  • Newsletter
  • Wiki
  • Customer Relationship Management System
  • Invoicing system
  • Project management system
  • Calendar system
  • E-commerce website
  • Job board
  • Classified board


One of the most common questions we get asked is – “can I make an eCommerce store WordPress?”.

- Yes, with WordPress you can have a fully functional web store. WordPress can handle:

  • Real products
  • Digital / downloadable products
  • Tickets / event registration
  • Subscription / site access services
  • Real time shipping integration
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Product variations (colors, sizes, types, costs, etc…)
  • Pricing levels
  • Wish lists
  • Recommend products
  • Discount codes
  • Stock management
  • Quickbooks integration
  • Affiliate management
  • Custom fields / product types
  • Import / export capabilities

These capabilities exist in the plugins or through already available plugin extensions. No custom development is required.

WordPress is Easy to Update & Updates are Regular

WordPress is constantly being added to and improved.

Unlike many other software systems these updates are released every few weeks and, generally, only make small incremental improvements to how you manage your website.

Other software systems often hold these little changes back until there are lots ready to be released at once. These big releases often have dramatic changes on how the software works and sometimes cause problems for website owners