Audio Services

We can:

Process your sound clips for the web, make your audio sound like the pro’s

If your site features podcasts, audio adverts or product descriptions and so on, they are much more effective if they sound professional. This, of course, can be difficult to achieve unless you have the right equipment and know how to use it.

We can quickly edit and master your audio to sound like the pro’s, or produce talk-overs and audio clips to order.

Remix or master your music demos or sound tracks

We can take your sound tracks, be they speech, music or both, balance the sound and then master for web, CD, or broadcast. Multitrack recordings mixed to a high standard by engineers who understand sound and music production.

Restore and remaster old recordings

Old or damaged recordings with hiss, crackles and pops, background hum or noise, spurious sounds, muffled sounding, but otherwise valuable?

We can do amazing things that not so long ago would have been impossible and turn them into crisp clear recordings that sound like they should.

Provide sound effects for websites, TV/video or theatre.

As well as a vast library of royalty free sound effects, we can record and/or produce original effects to suit your requirements. No more wasted hours scouring though second rate or expensive effects on the web or endless CD’s etc

Contact us with your requirements and save yourself the hassle…